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This is a super fun way to experience our shirts at a heavily discounted price- it’s our Mystery Shirt listing! You will choose your size and you will choose the category from our Design Collection from which your design will come. We choose the rest!

The shirt we choose could be any one of our FD Lounge tops, in any color. In the summer it could be a sweatshirt, in the winter it could be a tank top. Or in the summer it could be a tube and in the winter a sweatshirt- you get the idea. It could be any of our tops, any color. We will make sure it correlates with your indicated size and indicated design category. We also will always make it cute and easy to wear- meaning we won’t do any crazy color combos or anything we wouldn’t wear proudly.

Regarding design categories: Remember, we could choose any design from the design category you choose. For example, if you choose a design from the Food + Beverage category, we may choose one of our Vegan designs, or one of our Wine designs. Any of the designs from the category you choose may be what we print on your Mystery Shirt. There are absolutely no returns on Mystery Shirts – if you despise what we make you (if you love our style I highly doubt this will happen), now you have the perfect gift for a friend!

Remember, all of our shirts are 100% made in the USA, so soft and comfy, and all printed to order. The gamble you’re taking with Mystery Shirt isn’t a huge one – just a fun way to insert a little fun, comfortable mystery into your life and save some $!

The photos shown are just examples of some of our shirt styles and not necessarily indicative of anything else. The style received could be one of those styles or one of any of our shirt styles, in any of our colors.

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