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Maximum Maxi Skirts


SKU:Maximum Maxi 750000


The ultimate super casual, flowy sporty-bohemian jersey maxi skirt. Maxi as the word is meant to be used – MAXIMUM. This is no tailored wear-it-to-the-office skirt, this is the softest, fullest, flowiest material, falling down all around you like rain…it’s to twirl in, to cuddle in (my son wraps himself up in it like a blankie), to kick out ahead of you as you walk in, to admire your curves in, to revel in being a WOMAN in. All goddess enveloped in love. Sound a little hippy-dippy for you? Just truth-telling. I made these because I wanted a physical manifestation of what it feels like inside my heart, on my body. Just love.

Jersey is 50% poly, 50% rayon. One size. The waistband is 6 inches, and the length is 42 additional inches. Mini-skirt lining is 13″ long.

Very short women will likely need to hem or cut their skirts with fabric scissors, as they are very long by design.

I knit the fabric, cut and sew, and dye entirely in the U.S.

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